Important Personal Event

Small and intimate weddings are the
ultimate personal experience of a lifetime.

NSS Pattam can be the luxury suite for the
wedding party and at the same time we can
accommodate up to a total of 12 guests for
the ceremony and reception.

We can help you arrange land
accommodations for the guests that will not
stay overnight on the yacht. We will also
provide the transportation back and forth to
the yacht. With the yacht the location of the
wedding can be set to be in the most
picturesque and beautiful setting, with
backgrounds you will remember and cherish

We can help with your special  arrangements
from flowers, to ministers, to cakes to

The weather is perfect in the Caribbean on a
yacht for a wedding. With NSS Pattam you
also have the ability to combine your wedding
with your Honeymoon and you can have
your privacy as we are flexible in the
arrangements like having a different number
of guests aboard for different nights.

You may have your guests of honor aboard
until the wedding, and then just the two of you
for your Honeymoon, and not pay extra for the
whole period of time of the charter.

An anniversary is an occasion you can really
enjoy either just with your partner, or with your
partner an a few of your close friends.

NSS Pattam gives you the flexibility of having
privacy and at the same time you can party
with your friends on the yacht and also go
ashore and party in places you probably
never imagined existed.

All of this just for your enjoyment to celebrate
your anniversary. If you desire to have a
larger get-together for the Anniversary
celebration, your crew can help set up land
arrangements or multiple yachts
arrangements to accommodate the whole

NSS Pattam can accommodate a party of up
to 12 guests at once.

In the case where your celebration will be
with more than 12 friends, you can still
enjoy NSS Pattam, and have the large
gatherings catered for you on land.

Your crew is capable of handling all these
special arrangements, and coordinating
them with the schedule you decide on. Your
Anniversary celebration could be just over a
long week-end or a longer charter to suit your

The decisions that affect the type of
honeymoon to have are generally the
weather, the sights, style and vibrations.

The weather where NSS Pattam operates in
the Caribbean is balmy year round, the water
is warm, clear and inviting day and night.
There is very little rain (Except during a

The sights can be as varied as you want
them, as your luxury villa can move on the
water from location to location to satisfy your
desires. The scenery can change as you
wish. The style of the Caribbean is easy
going, the language is not a barrier, the
customs are similar as at home, the foods
can be whatever you like, and at and exotic
destination that you can experience and still
be in your comfortable floating "castle".

The vibrations of your honeymoon can be
easy going or high energy, and you can
vary this every day, as you are able to pick
where you want to be every day.

Some areas are very busy and full of energy
all night while others are so laid back you
barely see anyone.A great advantage of a
Caribbean honeymoon is that we can take
you to beaches that are beautiful and miles
long, without a building anywhere near.
There is near absolute privacy.

At the same time if you like adventure, water
sports, water toys, hiking, tennis, spas,
massages, shopping, sightseeing  we also
offer all of that.

You will find that a power boat will generally
give you more privacy and space than any
type of possible sailboat can.

Some times privacy is important, and in a
honeymoon, we would think that it could be
critical if you are romantic and so on. You
will see on this website that we have whole
areas on the boat, outside or inside, where
you can get “lost” and not be seen or
bothered by anyone on the boat or outside
the boat. You cannot obtain this on a
sailboat, or a smaller boat, no matter how
hard the crew tries to hide. We have whole
decks you can have all for yourselves with no
Vow renewal time
Actual wedding on NSS Pattam
Honeymoon and privacy
Engagement time
Anniversary happiness
Surprise birthday celebration
Romantic sunset on NSS Pattam

This is a celebration.

Maybe you' have made it to 10, 25, or 50
years together and you want the world to
know that you would do it all over again.

Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment
to each other after a rough period in your

There is no wrong reason to renew your
Many couples host their own vow renewal
and some have their children do the honors.

Or the couple's closest friends, maybe the
original Maid of Honor and Best Man, host
the event.

And what better place to hold this even than
aboard NSS Pattam?

Since a vow renewal is not a legally binding
ceremony, you can have whoever you want to
officiate. It can be fun.
either recite the same words you spoke back
then, or compose new ones to mark this
special occasion and how you feel now.

Maybe purchase new rings expressly for the
reaffirmation -- there's never a bad time to
upgrade jewelry!

Children, close relatives, and special friends
can do readings, and you can have
meaningful music playing, just as you would
at a wedding ceremony.

You can have it all on NSS Pattam.