There are those times when you would love
to go for a sail, but do not want to give up the
comforts of home, like you have aboard NSS

We can satisfy those guests that desire
some sailing in the best sailing area of the
world, but also want all the comforts of a
fully air conditioned and stabilized power
yacht to stay in.

The guests can have the use of a crewed
over 40 foot sail boat. The sail boat will make
the same daytime and overnight stops as
NSS Pattam, and is available for the guests
to use during the daytime. The guests can
also sail the boat if they so desire, or they
can just relax while sailing.

The sail boat can be booked for all or part of
the NSS Pattam charter, with a minimum of 2
consecutive days.  
We offer rendezvous diving, where the dive
boat picks you up on NSS Pattam, and
delivers you back after your dive is
completed. This type of diving gives you the
most options and selection as to where you
want to dive, and you do not have to lug your
own heavy equipment.

If you are so inclined, and are a certified
diver, you can rent equipment and dive from
NSS Pattam or the dinghy, but our experience
is that all guests are happier with the
rendezvous diving we offer.

Our dive dinghy is specifically built for
commercial diving operations. This is what
the manufacturer, Avon, says: "The water
ballast system adds stability when the craft is
stationary for loading, disembarking, when
recovering a person or during diving
NSS Pattam has a great variety of water
toys ready for action with you.

Wakeboard, where your skill is the limit.

Water Skiing. Single or two skis

Tubing, with different size tubes

There are other sports like parasailing,
kite sailing, surfing, wind surfing, sailing
that can be arranged for you.
Water Fun
Tandem sailboat also seeing the whale
Just relaxing
Fun exercise in the crear waters
Lots of clean fun
Barely hanging in there but having fun
This is how some guests can do it
First time on the water
Another guest who knew what he was doing
Guest showing his stuff
Tuetle saying hello to you
Dive boat picking up guests on NSS Pattam
Going for a ride on the dinghy
Great snorkeling by the caves
Kite sailing on Necker Island