Your vacation can be set up in a
variety of ways, especially if you
would like to stay on land for part
of your vacation.

Why would you want to spend
any time on land?

The islands are interesting and
some of the islands cannot be
covered completely from any
yacht. For example, there is
sightseeing on  mountains,
shopping in town and these are
not always easily reachable from
the water.

Many times the scheduling of
your arrival or departure cannot
be coordinated to match the
charter schedule, so it is
convenient to add a land
element to your vacation.

Boat and Land or Tandem
You may want to arrive on the
Islands and stay at a resort or
villa initially and then start your
charter and go directly to the
airport when your charter is
completed. Some times this is
needed as the start of the
charter and your arrival by plane
cannot be made to match
perfectly. In addition, you may
want to spend some time
exploring the Island before you
start the charter.

At the same time you may not
need all your luggage with you
on the charter, so your crew will
arrange so your luggage is
taken care from the time you
leave the land facility until you
arrive at the airport.

Your crew can also take care of
your transportation needs from
the land facility to NSS Pattam
and then from NSS Pattam to
the airport.

Your vacation logistics become
seamless, at no extra cost to you
You can also do the charter first
and then stay on land facilities
after the charter is completed.

In this case your crew can again
arrange all your land logistics,
including luggage, by just
reversing the procedures in the
LAND FIRST section.


Your vacation could include land
elements both at the start and at
the end of your charter. The NSS
Pattam crew will help you as
needed to make your stay be as
pleasant and trouble-free as it is
If you have a large group, you
may need to avail yourself of
more than one yacht is cost is a

We are in touch with a variety of
other yachts that are capable
and friendly to a tandem charter.

Let us help you with your group
Another view of NSS Pattam
Port side of NSS Pattam
NSS Pattam by the Baths