In the case of a family with
smaller children, some extra  
accommodations can be made
with portable cribs and inflatable
mattresses, which we can provide.

crew knows how to have fun
and making sure all the guests
have fun, and at the same time
your crew is also family oriented
and all families have had a great
time as you can see from the
unsolicited testimonials we have.

Make sure the crew likes kids, as
not all crews do, and many yachts
change crews between your
booking date and the charter date.
Families can be accommodated
in a variety of ways as the
of the yacht lends itself to a
variety of configurations.

The yacht's sleeping
accommodations consist of a total
of 3 separate staterooms each
with its own toilet, granite
counters, and shower like at
home. From these 3 staterooms
the charter family can choose any
3 for their own personal use. The
crew uses the remaining
The available combinations in
each stateroom are:

a) King size bed
b) Queen size bed
c) Three single beds
With this information you can
decide what combinations of
staterooms would best meet your
Almost the whole family at once
Father and kids having some fun
Coordinated family jump
Teen-agers dressed to go out
Pizza maker with her parents on the beach
Guests with new friends on the sun deck
Is he having a good time?
Family enjoying the ride
Guests participating in the show
Girls having fun
Guest kid helping making pizza
Kids hanging in there and enjoying it
Flying around a bit
First time on water skis
Family hike
Picture taken by a guest from the dinghy
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