One of the things that most people expect is
to be close to the water and therefore to be
close to Nature.

On NSS Pattam you can have it both ways.
You can have all the comforts of home and a
resort and at the same time you can be as
close to the water as you could be in any type
of yacht.

NSS Pattam has a large and extensive swim
platform that covers the whole width of the
yacht, together with a swim ladder to make
access out of the water even easier.

There is also a full fishing cockpit including a
fishing chair and fishing gear for your use.

The yacht has full walkaround decks so you
can be by the water all around the yacht. The
decks are also covered in beautiful teak,
which is soft on  your bare feet, and have a
luxurious feel and provide a safe footing.
Close To The Water
Familyreunion playing together
Showing the kids how to do it
1-2-3 Here we go again
Yes we can do it over and over
Enjoying the clear warm waters
Couples can also do it
Hanging in there and laughing
Relaxing at speed