NSS Pattam can tailor an Adventure of a
lifetime for you in the Caribbean.

The adventure that is only reachable by
water is to navigate  around the islands
of your choice with our Avon Searider 18'

It is rare that small boats go around the
islands because the exposed side of the
islands have rough weather and there
are no easy anchorages or ports of
refuge, so you need a very strong and
reliable vessel for this type of adventure.

This is a safe, enjoyable, exciting, and
unique adventure that you will remember
and talk about for a long time.

This adventure will not be possible if the
captain believes the sea conditions to
be too rough for the comfort of the
guests. The seas are not too rough for
the boat to be safe, but the comfort of the
guests is primordial in this case.


Avon SR5.4M Searider  Commercial
Designed as a general purpose rescue
boat and built to a tough commercial
specification. This craft will withstand the
impact of coming along side ship and
barnacle encrusted legs of oil rigs. The
deep 'V' hull shape with finely developed
chines gives unequalled performance,
whatever the load, in the roughest of

The water ballast system adds stability
when the craft is stationary for loading,
disembarking, when recovering a
person or during diving operations. The
craft is in use with many of the world's
leading offshore supply and oil
companies where severe
operating conditions require the highest
specifications and construction

The engine is a Yamaha 90HP. The boat
has a large built in fuel tank with a
separate reserve fuel tank. VHF radio,
fish finder, running lights.
Adventures On Water And Land
There are long, short, paved, unpaved
trails on most islands.

The trails vary from easy to strenuous,
but in all cases offering great picture
taking opportunities.

In addition, it is a great way to exercise
and then have a great refreshing swim
If you are interested in knowing and
listening to local bands, please contact
us in advance to make sure you
experience the
bands you like.
Tennis is available on most islands,
including private lessons with the pros.

You have the opportunity of playing in a
beautiful paradise like setting on courts
you have probably never played.

Most locations also offer night tennis
with lighted courts for your enjoyment.

Most locations have a fully equipped pro
shop where you can rent or purchase any
equipment you did not bring with you.
You may be able to join local amateur
tournaments, or your crew can set-up
for you.

Half your crew is very good in tennis, so
can be very helpful in planning tennis
The Avon Searider dinghy
Virgin Gorda viewed from the top
Peter Island on a hike
Another view from a Peter Island hike
Beach viewed during a hike
Hiking on Norman Island
NSS Pattam viewed during a hike
Another hike view
View from the top of JVD
Hiking in the Baths
Tennis in exotic places
Michael Beans performing
This is a picture of a large humpback whale swimming under NSS Pattam