Menu Types
NSS Pattam offers two types of charters,
which have the basic implication of two types
of menus. When you  mix the B&B charter
together with an All Inclusive charter, you
have the NSS Pattam menus  and also the
menus from the local restaurants that you
decide to try. That is a variety of menus.
Within all the possible combinations of
types of menus, we always have the
freshest and best available ingredients.
In addition, NSS Pattam can offer a
variety of menus tailored to your likes
and dislikes.

The menus can be geared to almost
any type of desires, and you will
receive a detailed preference sheet
way before the charter starts so you
can tell us about your predilections,
desires and dislikes so the menu is
completely tailored to you.

NSS Pattam is not a Kosher kitchen, so
we cannot accommodate a desire for a
strictly Kosher kitchen.
Light dessert
Light lunch
Main course
Presentation is superb
Main course