Adult Testimonials
XXXX - Where do you go to complain about
not being able to complain about anything!!!
I have been a boater for forty years.  Cruising
on board the NSS Pattam gave
boating/cruising a whole new meaning.  
From the minute we landed in St Thomas,
we knew we were in the good hands of our
hosts, Pat and Mat Bockh.  The ride they
arranged was awaiting us at the airport to
take us to the Pattam which was neat as a
pin and clean as a freshly bathed baby.  
Awaiting us in our stateroom was goody bag
with monogrammed tee shirts, hats, a chart
of the islands, and a waterproof camera.
Nice touch…just one of many.

On the al fresco deck was the first of many
gourmet meals.  I could go on forever with
the gourmet meals which included among
others, sesame tuna, sushi appetizers, rack
of lamb, shrimp & lobster, grouper and my
personal requested favorite, beef wellington.  
Each meal Pat cooked was served with
flowered garnish, baked on board breads
and flavored butters, salad and homemade
desserts (key lime pie, chocolate soufflé with
homemade ice cream chocolate
ganache…you get the idea).  Mat made sure
we ate like royalty on matching tablecloths,
linen napkins, different dishes every day and
crystal glasses.  No paper or plastic for the
Pattam!  Mornings greeted us with fresh
baked muffins and pastries and eggs.  My
favorite light breakfast was a yogurt with fresh
fruit and granola but the egg soufflé took the
breakfast of the cruise award.  I can’t
remember ever having that many back to
back gourmet meals in a row.  And it was all
part of the cruise!
We were three couples with three
staterooms, each of us with a king or queen
sized bed.  The generator ran 24/7 but we
never heard it, and our stateroom was next to
the engine room!  This particular feature was
costly in that I now have to order a silencer for
the generator on my boat.  We had plenty of
water, hot water and a large shower to enjoy
at the end of the day.  Towels were first class
with the NSS Pattam monogram.  Our hosts
thought of everything and provided us with
new toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and
soap, all in recognition of the fact that we
couldn’t fly with liquids.
During the day, we were given the run of the
boat and the cove.  Although Mat offered to
pull us in a tube or waterskis on the
inflatable, we all opted for the more docile
kayaks, motorized floaty chair, rafts, inflatable
toys, and a mask and snorkel.  Bottled
waters, sodas, beer were available all over
the boat and at any time during the day.  Our
hosts were always available to make sure
we had everything we needed, to offer
suggestions on what to do and where to go
or just offer us a drink.  They were first class.  
One of my friends remarked that they knew
how to entertain because they kept filling up
the M&M container to make us not feel like
we were not slowly emptying the jar…which
we were!  One night I let Pat kick my butt in
scrabble while the girls watched a chick flick
from the book of movies and dvds they store
on board.
Both Pat and Mat made operating the boat
seem easy.  They were a team who not only
owned and cared for their own boat, but
cared equally as much for the enjoyment of
their guests.  This was my 50th birthday
present to myself.  My wife, my friends, and I,
had a cruising experience with Mat and Pat
which could not be paralleled if we were on
Paul Allen’s 415 footer!  Each your heart out
Mr. Allen!!!
XXXX – Thank you so much for booking us
aboard the NSS Pattam.  Mat and Pat are
knowledgeable bright and personable and
most of all, concerned for the welfare of their
guests.  If I am gushing, I am.  They deserve
it!!! This was the cruise and experience of a
lifetime.  Thanks again for your help.  We are
picking a date for next year and will be in

Best regards,

Dear Pat and Mat: I wanted to personally
thank you for a superb vacation.  The
xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx and Alyssa and I could
not be more appreciative of all of your hard
work and dedication towards creating such a
wonderful atmosphere.  Pat: You are by far a
gourmet chef, Mat, a fantastic bartender, both
you should be considered captain because
first mate status would not be appropriate.
The vessel is beautiful, the islands are well
preserved and a playground for all of us to
hopefully enjoy in the future. We could not all
thank you enough for your hospitality.  We will
definitely join you again next year.  Thanks
again, Peter
Mat & Pat,

As you can see from the photo, Kevin seems
to be having a difficult time readjusting!
I on the other hand, have made it 48 hours
with no Peanut M&M's!

Thanks for everything.
Your friend,