When you arrived, your first impression of the yacht was:
Wow!  It was bigger than I imagined.  So clean and well appointed.  
What did you think about your accommodation?  
Perfect.  Many amenities.
Cabins, beds, bathrooms:
Great size.  Fit our family (2 adults, 4 kids perfectly).  Children loved
the TV/DVD players in their cabins.  Lloyd and I enjoyed the size of
our cabin.  We were very comfortable in the king size bed.  There
was lots of room and we didn’t feel closed in at all.  
Salon, cockpit, deck space:
Everything was just perfect.  It was spacious, clean, and
comfortable.  Perfect for being catered to and entertained.  There
were many different seating areas.  Spots to dine or just relax.  
Large enough that at some points Lloyd and I would look at each
other and say, “Where are the kids?”
Was the boat kept clean during your charter (your cabins, the
bathrooms/heads, your towels, bedding, the cockpit, the galley)?
Did you miss anything on board?
No.  And if we did, I think our gracious hosts, Mat and Pat, would
have found it!
What did you enjoy the most on board?
Tough question.  First, this was our first time to visit the Caribbean
by yacht.  So the overall experience of being in such beautiful waters
surrounded by beautiful islands was just awesome.  To have this
experience sailing on the yacht immersed in the most delicious food
and pampering is a once in a lifetime experience.  I liked being on
deck just appreciating all this with my family.  
Please describe your Captain (professional/outgoing/friendly etc.)
Mat and Pat made our trip a delight.  Mat was all the characteristics
described above and then some.  A true gentleman.  From the
minute he picked us up in the dinghy, we felt safe and comfortable.  
His knowledge of the boat and the surrounding waters and islands
was evident.  His patience with our children was over and above our
expectations.  The boys wanted to be pulled by the dinghy on the
tube CONSTANTLY.  Matt obliged - over and over again.  Never was
he impatient or short.  He would just ask “Do you want to go around
again?” then smile.  While we were snorkeling, one of our girls had
brushed against some fire coral.  She was obviously in pain and in
distress.  Swiftly, Mat got us back to the yacht.  He and Pat acted
quickly and knew just what first aid to apply and then Matt rushed the
two girls and me to the nearest island clinic in the dinghy (almost an
hour away) like a scene out of the movies.  Soon after, she was
feeling better and we were all grateful to have been with Captain Mat.
What do you think about your itinerary, the places and bays you
visited and the activities you have done?
The itinerary was fine.  We only had 3 full days on the yacht so we
didn’t get to visit all the islands I had hoped to visit.  Mat and Pat
offered to go anywhere we wanted.  We just had to consider travel
time.  We made three stops.  It was perfect and truly after Megan
was stung; we mellowed out for a day.  Of course, we enjoyed being
docked, playing in the water, eating, and visiting some close by
desolate sandy beach islands.
Please describe your chef (professional/outgoing/friendly etc.)
We all enjoyed Pat.  What a wonderful, wise, and talented woman.  
She was friendly, personable, and calm.  I especially enjoyed our
late night conversations about work friends, and family.  She kept
the yacht in great shape.  Everything was shiny and clean.  
… And then there was often the great smell of something baking in
the oven.  Pat is an amazing chef.  Every meal was delicious and
abundant.  We enjoyed it all. The kids especially liked the mini
coffee cake muffins for breakfast.  We all enjoyed the M&Ms and
pistachios!  The food was always tasty and beautifully presented.  It’
s hard to imagine she does all that in a galley kitchen.   
Do you feel the meals and drinks reflected the requests you made in
your preference sheet?
If you had children in your party, what did the crew do to make their
vacation special (food, games, toys, etc)?
Mat and Pat were wonderful with the kids.  They had every amenity
on the boat that the kids could wish for (DVDs Games, water toys, I
pod hook up, snacks, etc.). The food and drinks were abundant and
to their liking.  They both were patient, kind and accommodating.  
For more, see above.
Lisa and Lloyd
Family Testimonials
Thank you.  We had the most amazing time
on our trip.  Pat and Matt are the best hosts.  
The food was like you would find at the best
restaurants and at every meal.  We gained 5
pounds each!  We would definitely do
another charter but only with Pat and Matt!   
anyone you recommend them to will not be
disappointed at all!
As expected, both Pat and Mat were
extremely capable in handling and running
the boat.  What was most gratifying was their
dedication to making our stay as enjoyable
as possible.  They did this by carefully
determining what activities we wanted (and
did not want), preparing delicious meals and
offering fine beverages that were, in several
instances, customized to our individual
preferences.  A great example of  this was
the meal at which Pat served gazpacho
soup:  One of us dislikes tomatoes, I don't
like spicy foods and one of us can happily
molten lava.  She accommodated all three
tastes.  They changed their itinerary to suit
our desires.

They were very patient and struck the perfect
balance between being available and,
indeed, very enjoyable company, and
knowing when to leave us alone for family

The accommodations on the boat were
terrific.  I would unhesitatingly and
enthusiastically recommend them to any
prospective clients of yours.  Anyone
contemplating a trip with them is welcome to
contact me for additional details, if desired.

The only caution I would suggest is that Pat
is a vicious, phenomenal Scrabble player.

David ............... and family
I will send pictures but the boat and crew
now best friends for life are Pat and Mat thus
You and your family will have a ball!
Sleeps very comfortably 7 and the food they
serve is the best you will find anywhere!
You will love dealing with her and they love
to have fun with you or just disappear into
thin air!
You will not find a better package with her
cooking anywhere in the world.
I mean it and I have traveled a bit in my life,
this was one hell of a top notch setup!!!!!!!!
Give me a call in am so we can catch up!
Hey Guys--

I just want to thank you again for being the
most excellent hosts.
It is no wonder why anyone who cruises with
you become lifetime friends.
Although, I believe, Pat, you and your evil twin
Paula, were my sisters in a past life, along
with my evil twin, Bambi.

Mat, don't be a stranger. I know I will be
seeing Pat in Florida, but I don't want to lose
touch with you.

You guys live an awesome life- enjoy every
minute of!!!

Mat & Pat - Thought I would send a quick
email to thank you for the great family
vacation.  It really was better than we
anticipated….thanks to both of you.  Your
attention to every detail, service,
fun/knowledgeable personalities, gourmet
food and drink, great boat and amenities etc
etc made our trip very special and one we will
remember for many years.

We also hope you enjoyed the week too.  And
that having a 6’7” beer guy, his wife, and 3
daughters in their 20’s were not too
overwhelming !?

Thanks again, if you need anything from us
or if someone wants to call/email for
references – please send them our way.  We
would love to help in any way we can.

Finally, we hope we can keep in touch with
you, and, hopefully some day save up
enough to join you for another great trip !

John & Terri
Hello Mat & Pat,

We all had such a great time with the both of
you!  The kids (and us) can’t stop talking
about the boat trip and Marissa telling
everybody about you teaching her to

Could you please email us the photos that
you took?

We heard while on St. John that Chesney did
show up on Jost but it was on Sat night 

Hope Pat had a fabulous birthday party.  
Have a great vacation too!

Thank you for everything,

Scott, Terri, Marissa & Morgan