Day Eight
After a morning dip we return to Red Hook in St
Thomas where your limo will pick you up and take
you to the airport, including a tour of the highlights
of the island.
Day One
Sail off to the British Virgin Islands, check in and
browse the local shops and possibly have a Pain
Killer at Pusser's, at the very quaint and cute
West End of Tortola, then sail to Norman Island.
In Norman Island there is great snorkeling in and
around The Caves, Indians pinnacle, and The
Bight. After dinner we go to check out the  
floating "pirate" ship bar, the notorious Willy T's,
where anything might happen, and it usually
does. If there is time and inclination there are
miles of trails up the mountains opening to
spectacular views.
Day Two
We move to Peter Island and anchor in Great
Bay, where snorkeling is also wonderful in the
pristine waters. We go to Dead Men's Chest
Beach, a beautiful spot, and relax at the beach
or the excellent beachside restaurant/bar, or hike
to the top of the mountain for more spectacular
views. The choices are yours to explore. We can
also go tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding,
kayaking, etc. If we pick the right day, we will
also be serenaded by a steel band.
Day Three
We sail through a variety of interesting and
diverse islands, one being the model for
Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island."
Maybe stop and snorkel the most famous
wreck in the Islands, The Rhone. We stop at
the famous Baths to swim around and explore
the house-sized and smooth boulders, a
unique and amazing experience in the
western hemisphere.  We then sail amongst
beautiful islands to Marina Cay, where you
can explore the various small islands and see
the locally famous Michael Beans perform his
nightly show. It is a show and an ambiance
not to be missed.
Day Four
We arrive at North Sound in Virgin Gorda,
where we will be in a beautiful and large bay
surrounded by reefs and beaches, including
Sir Branson's islands and houses. There are
also a large variety of very exclusive and not
so exclusive bars and lots of local color, all
right on the water. This is also a world class
place for scuba diving, among others we'll
encounter along the way. You can just relax
or enjoy windsurfing lessons, or rent a Hobie,
or learn to Kite Surf.
Day Five
We go to the nearly uninhabited Anegada, which
has some of the best snorkeling in the whole
Caribbean, and miles and miles of deserted
beaches. Maybe enjoy a green flash at sunset from
the boat.
Day Six
We arrive in Jost Van Dyke where we can explore
the island, snorkel, hike, see the Ocean Whirlpool, or
enjoy some water sports. There is also the beautiful
White Beach where the notorious Soggy Dollar bar
provides a scenic location for either lunch or a
drink.  Jost Van Dyke also has ATV adventures
available that have been very popular with visitors.
After dinner we can visit the famous Foxy's bar.  
Day Seven
After a morning swim or adventure, we head to
Francis Bay on St John inside the Virgin Islands
National Park where there is fantastic snorkeling and
world famous beaches.  We check in to the US and
possible check out the shopping in St John. There is
also always the possibility of seeing the infamous
and elusive green flash at sunset again.  
7 Day Sample Itinerary Two
Devil's Bay waiting for you
A hike in the Baths
The North Sound seen from a boat
Interesting snorkeling area
Checking out the Baths again
Sunset at Biras Creek
The clear waters of the Baths
Guest enjoying the Baths
Beautiful calm beach with clear warm waters
Wild seashore
A view from a beach
Beautil beach waiting for you
Beautiful warm waters
Miles of deserted beaches
Miles of deserted beaches here
This itinerary is based on a 2PM to 2PM schedule starting in the US Virgin Islands (which is flexible).