Reservations Procedure

You can reserve your favorite dates on NSS Pattam without any financial commitment at all

You can also lock in your rate and avoid rate increases
Here is how it works

You give us your preferred dates, and
we will reserve those dates. If you
decide to stay with those dates, or you
change the dates, you will have 30
days to finalize your plans. As you
finalize your plans within the 30 days, a
contract will be drawn and reviewed
and accepted by you and then a 25%
deposit will be due and the contract

Then 90 days before the charter
another 25% is due and then 60 days
before the charter starts the final
payment must be completed.
If someone else wants to have the
same dates you have chosen, within
the 30 day period,  you will have 2
weeks from that time (Up to the 30
days) to decide whether you want
those dates or not.

If you decide you do not want the
dates, that is the end of that
reservation and you have no additional

If you decide you want those dates,
then you have those 2 weeks (Up to
the 30 days) to finalize the contract
and make the down payment for the
All payments are made to our clearing
agent, who holds the funds in escrow.

Another benefit is that you lock in the
charter fee at the time of the
reservation, even if you change the
dates slightly later on.

In other words, it is a simple process
with no hassles, but you can save your
preferred dates and still be able to
change your mind.

In other words you can have your cake
and eat it.

What dates would you like to
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