Road Town
The cute Marina Cay
Approaching the West End
Thde other side of Monkey Point
Rock with a hole in the windward side
Monkey Point snorkel area
Detail of the West End
Sopers Hole
This is the most populated of the British
Virgin Islands. It is also a port for large cruise

Tortola's best known beach is Cane Garden
Bay, which is a fair anchorage in south
winds, and boasts a variety of bars and

Nearby is the notorious Bomba' s Shack, well
known for its wild all night parties on the full
moon nights.

Also in the same general area is Soper's
Hole, well known in sea chanties, and is a
beautiful, protected harbor boasting quaint
looking buildings, marinas, shops, and a
couple of bars/restaurants.
Apple Bay Beach is just over the hill from
Long Bay. Here, on any day in season you
can see at least a dozen surfers from all over
the world. The bay is also known for its full
moon parties at Bomba's Surfside Shack, as
well as the Friday night fish fries hosted by
local residents under the banyon trees. In the
evenings, you can usually find music playing
at one of the bay's two hotels and several
local restaurants.

Brewer's Bay, once the site of several sugar
plantations and distilleries (hence its name)
is just around the eastern point by boat or
over a steep hill by car from Cane Garden
Bay. Ruins can be seen on the beach and
along the road going out of the bay to town. In
winter, the campground here is home to an
interesting group of travellers who return year
after year. The water offers some of the best
snorkeling on the island because of its many

Centrally located on Tortola's north shore,
Cane Garden Bay is a long, lovely, curved bay
sheltered from heavy winds, making it a
favoured anchorage for boaters. Attracting
both tourists and residents, an abundance of
activities can be found here: boating,
windsurfing, water-skiing, and swimming.
Some of Tortola's most popular bars and
restaurants line the beach, and island music
can be heard at many of these spots nightly.

Elizabeth Beach is without doubt, one of the
widest on Tortola, providing sun worshipers
plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the
beautiful views of the British Virgin Islands.

Josiah's Bay Beach
This beach on Tortola's East End has a long
and wide swath of sand that makes it ideal
for sunbathing. There is a small beach bar
on the beach and several guest houses and
restaurants nearby. At certain times in the
winter when the waves reach their optimum
peak, it is a favorite surfing spot.

Lambert Bay, also known as Elizabeth Bay, is
one of the north shore's finest beaches and
is a favorite picnic spot for residents because
of its sheltering palm grove and fine white
sand. A resort is located behind the beach.

Long Bay is a mile-long stretch of white sand
beach, perfect for a tranquil sunset walk. A
resort and several guest houses line the
eastern portion of the beach. The western
end, fringed with palms and sea grapes,
offers greater solitude and good swimming.

Smuggler's Cove
Located at the western-most end of Tortola,
Smugglers Cove is secluded, sheltered,
serene, and hard to reach.  The water is
exceptionally warm, clear, and calm.
Snorkeling off both points is good and
sometimes sea turtles can be found
swimming close by
Cam Bay National Park
Cam Bay, on the eastern shore of Great
Camanoe, is comprised of an extensive
shallow reef and lagoon system. Its calm
waters, colorful reef fish and pristine marine
environment attract swimmers and
snorkelers. Birdwatchers enjoy the salt pond,
where a variety of migratory wading birds and
shorebirds can be seen. Pottery shards
discovered in Cam Bay also suggest the
presence of a pre-Columbian settlement in
the area.
J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens are a cool and
peaceful refuge located in the centre of Road
Town. The four-acre gardens include a lush
array of indigenous and exotic tropical plants.
A pergola walk, lily pond, waterfall, tropical
bird houses, and miniature rain forests are
just a few of the garden's attractions.
Mount Healthy on Tortola features the intact
remains of a thickly walled stone windmill,
once part of an 18th century sugar plantation.
It is the only such windmill on Tortola. The
park can be reached along the road which
leads from Ridge Road down to Brewer's
Bay, located on Tortola's north shore.
Phillips Anglican Church
Constructed in 1840, St. Phillips is said to be
the first church built for liberated Africans in
all the Americas and it will undergo a
complete restoration in the near future.

The Dungeon
Located in Pockwood Pond, halfway between
Road Town and West End, this fort was built
in 1794 and housed a garrison of soldiers
responsible for protecting the islands.

Thornton Plantation
This plantation was the birthplace of one of
Tortola's most famous sons. Architect
William Thornton prepared his first plans for
the new United States Capitol building here.
Ruins of the Thornton family's Pleasant
Valley sugar factory still stand.

Vigilant, a traditionally styled 25-foot wooden
boat, is one of just three original Tortola
sloops remaining in the BVI. Since the 18th
century, sloops such as this have carried
trade goods and provided a means of
communication amongst the islands. Vigilant
was one of the fastest, and a familiar sight
on the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

Virgin Island Folk Museum
Located on Main Street just past The Plaza,
the Virgin Island Folk Museum has some
Arawak and Carib pottery and stone tools,
including a decorated spindle, wreck of The
Rhone and H.M.S. Nymph artifacts, plantation
items and reef conservation information.

Zion Hill Chapel
An early 19th century chapel, built atop Zion
Hill, was the site of celebration on the Day of
Emancipation in 1834. After being
periodically destroyed by hurricanes, it was
replaced with the present Methodist chapel, a
fine example of West Indian simplicity built in
pasture land at the foot of Zion Hill. It has
served both as a church and school.

Mount Healthy on Tortola features the intact
remains of a thickly walled stone windmill,
once part of an 18th century sugar plantation.
It is the only such windmill on Tortola. The
park can be reached along the road which
leads from Ridge Road down to Brewer's
Bay, located on Tortola's north shore.

Sage Mountain National Park can be found
along Tortola's mountainous ridge, and at
1,716 feet, is The BVI's highest point. Within
its lush boundaries you will find
mahoganies, hanging vines, enormous
elephant ears, white cedars, and kapok
trees, thick ferns and many other local flora.

Shark Bay at Brewer's Bay
This 18.4 acre nature preserve is located on
a dramatic point above Brewer's Bay on the
island's north shore. It has several
interesting ecological features, which include
very large boulders and forms a unique cave
once inhabited by bats but is now a resting
place for weary hikers. There is also a
collection of orchids nestled between the
boulders and several pelicans enjoy the bay
as well.

The Queen Elizabeth II Park
This small park, which is in the western
section of Road Town and borders Road
Harbour, is landscaped with beds of exotic
and indigenous shrubs and flowers and
rows of white cedars, the BVI's national tree.

Cane Garden Bay Callwood Rum Distillery
Some of the original buildings are still
standing and in use. Rum continues to be
made and sold in the boiling room, where
the distillery's original boiler still operates,
and the rum is stored in some of the original
storage casks. The old guard house is also
intact and has been turned into an art gallery
and gift shop.

Fort Burt
Originally built on a hill with commanding
views overlooking the harbour to defend
Road Town, the fort was rebuilt by the
English in 1776, and named after William
Burt, Governor of the Leeward Islands. Free
and open daily from dawn to dusk, the
foundations and magazine remain of this
historic ruin.

Fort Recovery
Built in the 1640s as a military gun post,
these ruins remain intact and are the oldest
historical landmark in Tortola.

Josiah's Bay Plantation
Originally a sugar factory, the building at
Josiah's Bay Plantation was converted into a
rum distillery in the early 20th century. The
machinery was powered by steam and
diesel engines, examples of which can be
seen on the site today. An art gallery and
store are now housed in the historic building.

Mount Healthy Windmill National Park
The 18th century windmill tower at Mount
Healthy was part of an extensive sugar works
once belonging to the area's wealthiest
planner. Here, slaves once cultivated,
harvested and processed raw cane into
sugar. Other ruins on the property include the
boiling house, and remnants of the animal
mill round, distillery, hospital, storage shed,
and housing can also be seen on private
property in the area.

Carrot Bay North Shore Shell Museum
A cluttered Carrot Bay museum with
thousands of shells on display, as well as
boats and various crafts.

Old Government House
The recently refurbished Old Government
House, a national landmark, was once the
governor's residence. It is now a public
museum open Monday through Friday 9AM to