Great Camanoe
A small island off the northeast end of
Tortola has the newest BVI National Park at
Cam Bay, with a reef and lagoon.
On the other side is Lee Bay, with a grotto
about 20' under water.
There is also a salt pond inland.
Diamond Reef on the east end is also a
popular night dive wall site.
Guana Island.
Is a private island off the northeast shore of
The island was sold to the current owners in
1975 who are trying to maintain and restore
the rare species that inhabit the little island.
the island are the Roseate Flamingo, red
legged tortoise.
Monkey point is a preferred daytime snorkel
spot on the island.
Diamond Cay
Declared a National Park in 1991, Diamond
Cay is located off Long Bay, Jost Van Dyke
and is a bird sanctuary. The volcanic nature
of the island is more pronounced on the
windward side, with bare, rocky cliffs, while
the leeward side is lined with sandy
beaches. The area has several day
anchorages close to vibrant reefs, for
snorkeling, and a hiking trail on Sandy Cay.
Cooper Island
Manchioneel Bay, on Cooper Island, is a
good overnight anchorage that features a
palm-fringed beach. There is a beach bar
and restaurant and several holiday homes
on the bay.
Dead Chest
Dead Chest Island, an uninhabited National
Park, has three dive sites reached by dinghy
from Deadman's Bay. Coral Gardens, a
friendly site for novices and snorkelers in very
calm weather, gets its name from the many
massive heads of brain, star, and sheet
corals resembling an aquatic garden. Dead
Chest West, a series of discoveries,
including an archway, caves, bowls, and
mazes. Dead Chest Island reputedly got its
name when the notorious Blackbeard, after a
mutiny, put 15 men ashore on this island
with only a bottle of rum, hence the song: "15
men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a
bottle of rum."
Fallen Jerusalem
The island of Fallen Jerusalem is 30 acres
vegetation and strewn with enormous
boulders, similar to those found at The
Baths. The island was declared a national
park in 1974 because of its importance as a
sanctuary for several species of birds. The
endangered red-billed tropic bird finds refuge
on the island. In addition, Fallen Jerusalem
is an important nesting site for seabirds
such as the brown boobies, laughing gulls,
noddies and brown pelicans, along with
sandwich, royal and bridled terns. Secluded
beaches border delightful snorkeling areas;
North Lee Bay beach being the best on the
island. On the northwest shore, underwater
tunnels and caves are a haven for nocturnal
fish, while schools of glassy sweepers
glisten like bits of shiny copper. Overnighting
is not safe.
Little Tobago/Great
At the northwestern corner of the BVI chain lie
the Tobago Cays, two islands surrounded by
rugged cliffs, and whose sea beds slope
dramatically to depths of 165 feet. The cays
are an excellent habitat for seabird nesting,
as Great Tobago is the only nesting site in
the BVI for the magnificent frigate birds. East
of this island, experienced divers can explore
the waters around Mercurious Rock, where
open ocean meets land and shoals of fish
Salt Island
The Wreck of the Rhone is the first and only
Marine National Park in the British Virgin
Islands. It is the most celebrated dive site in
the BVI, and a major recreational attraction.
The park includes examples of fringing reef
habitat and sea grass beds. The wreck is
that of a Royal Mail Steamer, which sunk
during the hurricane of 1867 with 125 people
on board. At 310 feet long and 40 feet wide,
the wreck of the Royal Mail Steamer lies in
two main parts in waters between 30 and 90
feet deep. Much of it is still intact and visible,
including decking, parts of the rigging, the
steam engine, and propeller. The marine
park stretches from Lee Bay on Salt Island
westward to include Dead Chest Island. The
ship's anchor broke away outside Great
Harbour, Peter Island, and this site forms the
second portion of the park.
Nestled in a cluster of islands known as The
Dogs west of Virgin Gorda, West Dog is a
rugged, volcanic island rising steeply out of
the sea. It provides an ideal habitat for
nesting seabirds seeking protection, as well
as a fascinating environment for divers and
snorkelers. The surrounding waters are filled
with fish, colorful coral reefs and submerged
This is where you snorkel on the Wreck of the Rhone
Snorkel area and beach on Guana Island
Other Islands
Waterfal in Puerto Rico
Dead Man's Chest. Robert Louis Stevenson?
Seems like it was a navigation error
There are some cliffs in addition to beaches