The anchorage viewed from the beach
The infamous Willie T floating bar/restaurant
This small island is about 610 acres
and many believe was the inspiration
for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure

There are abandoned dirt roads that
you can hike all over the island and
enjoy great views of the surrounding
The Indians next to Norman Island
Little shop for unusual souvenirs
Partial view of the caves
There are 4 caves for snorkeling, with
various depths, and one cave has a

There is also good snorkeling around
the perimeter of The Bight, the best
harbor on the island.

There is the Pirate's Bight restaurant
ashore which is a family style affair with
a bar, games, beach, shop and a dive

Further in The Bight is the infamous
William Thornton restaurant/bar boat,
better known as the Willy T, where
almost anything and everything
happens every day.
Great snorkeling inside the Bight
Another look at the Indians before snorkeling
A view from Norman
The Bight at Norman
Guests having fun on the rocks
NSS Pattam waiting for you