Beautiful beach
Best shower in town
A rest on the beach
This beach goes for miles just like this
Beautiful and deserted
Interesting little bar
Beach near Cow Wreck
Anegada is about 15 square miles and its
name means "Drowned Island" in Spanish,
as the island is so low laying.

The endangered Anegada rock iguanas
outnumber the human residents. The
flamingo population is also taking hold after
being re-introduced around 1992.

You can snorkel in the shallow waters of
Loblolly Bay or Flash of Beauty to explore the
encircling reef. There is also surfing and kite
surfing on the swells in Cow Wreck Bay.
Cow Wreck Bay Beach
Anegadians offer many stories as to how this
beach got its name. Found on the
northwestern end of Anegada, Cow Wreck
Bay Beach is a pristine beach that features a
small beach bar and restaurant, and a few

Flash of Beauty Beach
With coral sand and crystal clear water, Flash
of Beauty Beach features a unique trail of
conch shells leading from the beach bar to
the shoreline. In addition to beachcombing
and sunbathing, excellent snorkeling is also
found here.

Loblolly Bay
Comprised of miles of secluded pristine
beach, Loblolly Bay Beach is ranked as one
of the world's best beaches. With a 360
degree lookout and a 50 foot walkout into the
ocean, Loblolly Bay Beach features two
beach bars and restaurants, as well as sun
shelters and hammocks within the sea