Why Charter?
There are many and varied reasons to charter. The
question here is why charter a crewed yacht?

It is a fair and reasonable question, and unfortunately
there has not been a lot of factual information available
for potential customers, as the industry has not done a
good job of presenting this proposition to potential

The main reason to charter is that it will be a real
vacation and on top of that it will not cost you more than a
land vacation with similar amenities.

First of all we would like to eliminate the issue of
chartering a bare boat, as that is not a real vacation,
since you are in charge of the boat in relatively unfamiliar
waters and unfamiliar boats. You have to do all the work
and cooking, unless you eat out every meal, but there are
very few places in the Caribbean where you will be able
to get any breakfast, let alone a gourmet breakfast, not to
mention the inconvenience of rounding everyone up,
getting in the dinghy, etc.
Need we say more?
Well, you say you will charter a bare boat with a captain
and cook. This is an option, but you will not be able to
choose the captain or cook, and in our experience this is
just as costly as a crewed charter and you do not have
any of the benefits of a crewed charter. In addition, the
cost will be equal or more than a properly crewed charter.

Now you ask, how come you are not aware of this. Fair
question and the reason the bare boat with captain and
cook is starting to take hold is because the Moorings is
promoting this idea at every boat show around the world,
so there is a fairly large audience of potential guests that
will sign up, not realizing there is a better and more
reasonable option.

OK, so we are here now. The main reason you will
charter a crewed yacht is because it will relieve you of
most decisions and extra expenses you did not plan on.
The ALL Inclusive Charter says it all. We include
everything: accommodations, gourmet meals that you
can have dressed as you wish, transportation, all toys
and potential tours you can imagine, all the beverages,
privacy, full comfort, and you also have a say on what you
Most travelers do not include in their plans the extras like
taxis that charge by the person to go anywhere, the cost
of drinks, the rental of equipment to use on the water,
side trips, etc. It all adds up immensely when the day is
done, but is not included in the up front computations.

In addition to all of this, NSS Pattam offers even more,
as we have a very quiet boat, stabilized, air conditioned
full time, and hospital silencers on the generators, all for
your comfort. You also get the master stateroom, which
is not available in most charter yachts.

We do explain all these issues and more throughout the
website, as we believe they are important, critical, but
overlooked most of the time when booking.
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Snorkeling by the boat in clear warm waters