Who Should Not Charter NSS Pattam
We have found in the past that there are some characteristics in people that will make
them not be a good match to charter NSS Pattam for any period of time.

The main characteristics are:

You are deadly afraid of water.
You are afraid of the outdoors.
You think money grows on trees.
You like to suffer.
You do not like to have a good time.
You think the world is all against you.
You hate people.
You are unhappy no matter where you are.
You like to sleep in wet and damp environments.
You want people around you not to have a good time.
You are used to having someone  clean the windows in your houses every single time it rains.
You need servants surrounding you all the time.
Your cars are wiped down and dried each time it rains.
You like to waste money.