A family with children. (Are children just tolerated by the crew?)
Are looking for
comfort in a vacation. (Rain, noise, heat, waves)
Planning a
Planning a
Vow Renewal.
Have a Special
Anniversary coming up.
Must have a fantastic and memorable
Want to go diving. (Can the yacht go to the dive spot or do you go by a well equipped dinghy)
snorkeling in clear waters
Thinking about getting certified as a
diver. (Can the yacht be at the dive spot)
Water Sports. (Is the crew willing to tow you around)
Water Toys.
Want a
boat and land combination vacation.
Considering a
One Way Charter. (Can you be picked up and dropped wherever, even Puerto Rico)
Thinking of various Caribbean
Islands. (Can the yacht go to other islands)
Have a special
A Corporate
Meeting coming up.
Looking for
adventure. (Is the boat ready for this)
Want some unusual
hiking. (Is the crew in shape for this)
Need to play
tennis in unique places.
Want to listen to local
Want a
Spa at every stop.
Need a
massage regularly.
Desire great
Want to be close to the
Want to be with
friends ashore.
Need to
sail some times.
We are
too many to fit on this yacht. (Can the yacht work with a competitor?)
Are looking for an
Adult Theme.
Have a unique
Want a clean
non smoking environment. (Will the crew smoke in front of you?)
Want to explore the
Spanish Virgin Islands
Who should charter with us?
(The items in parentheses are subjects most will not tell you about)

If you are one of these people, NSS Pattam may be perfect for you:
This is also the you need to know
but were afraid to ask section.
This is also the taboo section, or
things we should not talk about.
This is also the if I had known that
This is also the if someone had
told me section.
This is also the I wish you had told
me that earlier section.
Typical appetizer served
Guests relaxing on the beach
Wedding on NSS Pattam
Watching the dolphins on Peter Island
Gourmet lunch in a casual manner
Whale near Virgin Gorda, seen from our dinghy