The accommodations on NSS Pattam are as
spacious as you could expect in a yacht
this size. There are not a large number
of  "expanded closets" that are called
staterooms. Our closets accommodate
clothes and they are not used for sleeping.
The yacht has a total of 3 available
staterooms for their own use, in the
combination that is best suited for their

You do not share the facilities with others;
each room has its own home-like toilet and
shower, without having to go across the
hallway. You can turn around easily in our
bathrooms, which not the case with all yachts
in this class.

The air conditioning system is always on, 24
hours a day, for your enjoyment and
Things You Should Know
And Most People Are Afraid To Talk About
It is not just an advertised item that does not
get used because "the winds are cooling".
No, you always have the choice to be outside
in the sun, shade or under the starts, but
when you need to be cooled down, we have it
always for you.

The crew does not sleep in the living area as
they do in some yachts this size. The crew
has their own facilities and privacy.
After a day of fun, sun and sports you are
ready to unwind and like being at a luxury
resort again, but in this case you are already
Your comfort and privacy are assured on
NSS Pattam. You can lounge in your own
spacious room, floating in the sun or shade,
on the bow in lounge chairs, in the cockpit
fishing, in the stern area having a beverage,
or inside in the living area.

When you and your party are having a get
together in the spacious couch in the living
area, the crew does not have to go through
your group to set up a meal. NSS Pattam
has walkaround decks so the crew can
circulate and do their jobs without disturbing
you ou your party.

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