RAIN  NOISE  ROLLING  HEAT  PLUMBING  These are just some of the items that can make your charter miserable
Whenever you are considering a yacht for charter, whether it is a sailboat, a catamaran, a trimaran, or a power boat, these 5 items will be considerations that relate to your comfort and the comfort of each person in your party.

Things To Know
Rain is not supposed to
appear during your
charter. Unfortunately this
is rarely the case, and it
rains almost every day,
even if just for a few
minutes, and many times
just during the night.

Now you are on a boat that
you told the crew to stop
the air conditioning
because of the generator
noise, and now you have
to get up and close the
hatches, or be wet. In
addition, after you close
the hatches you will start
to sweat and so on.You
need to have the air
conditioning running to
avoid this scenario
Noise is a very annoying
issue when you are trying to
sleep in any place, but boats
can have more noises than
you imagine, and that can
make your charter very trying.

Whether it is a sailboat or a
powerboat, if you expect to
have the comforts of air
conditioning indoors, some
generator will have to be
running continuously, whether
you are sailing or anchored.
The noise of this generator
throughout your charter will be
a large measure of how much
fun you have.

In addition to the generator, if
the boat is moving, some
engine will be involved unless
you are purely sailing (which
is rare), and this can also be
very tiring if you have to raise
your voice to be heard. Some
yachts have unmufflered
engines so they are extremely
loud, reducing your enjoyment.

Those yachts that cruise at
relatively high speeds have to
be noisy because they cannot
afford to have the extra weight
of mufflers for engines that
are usually 5 times larger and
heavier than ours for the
same size boat. Weight is the
biggest enemy of speed.

Watch this video about generator noise
from a much larger and more expensive
charter yacht:
Rolling on a boat is
nearly unavoidable, even
on very large cruise ships.
All anchorages we use will
give you a smooth ride
while at anchor.

While underway, unless you
like the rolling motion of a
boat, a stabilized boat is a
must to counteract the
motion of the waves and to
make the movement of the
boat smooth.

Watch this video comparing how
little we roll compared to others
around us:
NSS Pattam has generators
aware they are running, also
enclosed in a soundproof box
and have double sets of
hospital type silencers for
extreme quietness.

The main engines are quiet
and intrinsically balanced 6
cylinder 3306 Caterpillars with
silencers. You can carry on a
normal conversation
anywhere on NSS Pattam
while underway.

The stabilizers are always on
while NSS Pattam is underway
making the ride smooth.

The centrally air conditioned
system on NSS Pattam is
quiet and is always on for
your comfort.

The central fresh water toilet
system on NSS Pattam is
Headhunter, the best
available and quietest system,
with push button flush.
Heat is great when you are
in the water or on the beach,
but you would probably be
better off without heat when
you are inside or trying to

Again, full time air
conditioning is a must. Most
air conditioning systems
cannot cool the boat during a
few hours before going to
sleep if the system is off
during the day.

A quiet central system with no
compressors in your
stateroom is what you need
for quietness and home-like
Plumbing is something
you usually do not think
about at home. We just take
it for granted.

Plumbing on most boats is
not like the plumbing at
home.  On many boats
plumbing is close to
camping. You need to know
that the yacht should have a
fresh water flush system like
at home, preferably a
quiet one, with just a button
you push to flush. No pumps
and valves to deal with.

How much will you enjoy
having to move the toilet
paper to take a shower if
you do not want it to get
wet? This does exist on
some yachts and you will
not know about it until it is
too late.