How would an owner operating the yacht as crew react to guest's requests compared as to how a paid crew member would answer the same question?
We have looked at these issues over the years and have come up with examples that demonstrate the basic differences.
Owner Operated Or Paid Crew?
Guest Question
Owner Crew Answer
Likely or Possible Hired Crew Answer
Can we do ……..?
Yes, of course, that is reasonable.
We would love to, but the owners do not let us.
Can we water ski?
Yes, you will need to sign a release.
Sorry, our insurance does not allow this.
Can we go to …… by dinghy later tonight?
Yes, we will take you and pick you up
Sorry, we do not use the dinghy after hours, the owner's rules.
Can we have a couple of people we just met over for a few
drinks on the boat?
You have been great guests, of course and we will make
them feel at home.
Sorry, the contract does not allow this.
Can I have a different meal than the rest of us?
Yes, what would you like?
Sorry, we have already provisioned for this meal.
What is the noise I heard all night?
We will take care of it right now, or is the noise caused by
Have no idea, we are new to this boat.
Can we have the A/C on all the time?
Of course, it is always on.
We are only allowed to run the A/C when it is very hot, and it is
not hot now.
We lost/broke this gizmo on the boat.
We will take care of it.
That may be an extra charge, the owners demand it.
How does this item work?
Please let me show you.
Sorry, but we have not been able to get the owners to fix this.
Can the kids learn to wake board?
Here are the available places you can contact.
How do I reach you when I need to be picked up from the
Take the portable VHF and call us.