Pat has a Master US Coast Guard
license for 150 tons, and can help you
learn that skill during a charter. Pat is
also a certified diver, a member of an
all women sailing association in
Florida, loves to play tennis, scrabble
and bridge.
Mat grew up in Venezuela, is fluent in
Spanish, Italian and Hungarian. He
owned his first boat at age 12, was a
competitive swimmer, life guard, has a
Master US Coast Guard license for
500 tons, is a certified diver. After
Army service and an MBA from
Columbia, he worked as a computer
consultant, then started manufacturing
construction materials. He is a so-so
tennis player.
They love to show folks the Islands.
Pat and Mat taking it easy
Pat and Mat relaxing on Honemoon Beach
Your professional crew is Pat and Mat,
who have 4 grown children and have
sailed the Caribbean from the
Bahamas to Grenada, the east coast
of the USA, the Gulf and Mexico on
their own boats. After each season
they looked forward to returning to the
Virgin Islands. Pat and Mat have
cruised the Caribbean by sail and
power since 1990. Their last prior boat
was a 406 ton 130 foot
research type
vessel they lived on.
The Crew
Pat and Mat can help you discover as
much as you would like to or as little as
you want.
Pat is a master chef. She learned her
chef skills while starting a new
restaurant in Connecticut and being
both the chef and owner. Pat also
entertained, catered and organized
large parties in New England for many
years. Pat’s love of good food, good
wine and good friends has always
been extraordinary, and it shows in her
culinary creations.
Pat has also had also received tutoring
from one of the founders of the CIA
Culinary Institute of America), and has
apprenticed and consulted with various
executive chefs in her life.
Pat at the wheel, as usual
Who is driving here?
Pat working
Mat on land