Fish caught on NSS Pattam with 10 pound line by the young guest
Not really a fish, but the whale was close to our dinghy
Fishing in the US Virgin Islands does
not require a license, but there are
certain restrictions as to what you can
do, when and where that apply.

In addition, there are restrictions that
apply to fishing within the Virgin Islands
National Park in St John.
NSS Pattam has some fishing gear that
you can use as you wish, but at the
same time, we are not a fishing boat
and are no experts in fishing.

We can arrange a deep sea fishing
excursion if you so desire, as the major
fishing grounds in the islands are
some miles away from the cruising
area, in deeper water. There are a
variety of charter fishing boats
available in both the US and the British
Virgin Islands.
If you desire to fish from NSS Pattam in
the British Virgin Islands, you will have
to obtain a fishing license.

In order to obtain this license,
someone has to go to the government
office in Tortola with a copy of the
passport ,during working hours and
pay the license fee of about $55.
There is also a procedure where you
can obtain this permit via mail and
telephone call. Consult with us for the
current details.

There are also restrictions on what you
can do, when and where even when
you have the license.
We know a humpback whale is not a
fish, but it is a great picture taken
from our dinghy off Virgin Gorda