Boat Specifications Issues
NSS Pattam is legal to carry up to 12
guests any time in any country. This is
not so for most vessels and you will
find that there are very few boats that
can take more than 6 guests within the
part of the USA.

You should ask why the boat cannot
come into the USA for charter. There
may be many reasons, but one is
If a charter boat is in operation
overnight, the rules worldwide require
that there be at least 2 licensed
captains on board.

This rule is generally not enforced in
the Caribbean, but NSS Pattam has 2
US Coard licensed Masters.
Fun picture on Virgin Gorda
Kids getting ready to go out
Girld just relaxing
The hair dressing area on the boat
That is a guest mother being lifted up just for fun
X-mas on NSS Pattam
We can do it over and over
Private party on the sun deck