Do I have to share a small boat with
people I don’t know?
Never. You cannot book a true private yacht
by the cabin. Instead, you get to have the
whole boat—and you get to decide who
joins you onboard.

How can I possibly afford a private
yacht charter vacation?
Actually, in many cases, a family of four will
pay less for a charter than theywould for a
cruise ship vacation. Even couples used to
traveling onboard high-end cruise ships can
find comparable bargains.

Do I have to know bow to drive a
Absolutely not. You can learn, if you want to,
and you can act as your own captain  if that
appeals to you, but there are plenty of
private yacht charter vacations that come
with at least a licensed captain and
sometimes a full-size crew to tend to your
every wish.
Are those smaller boats as safe as
the big cruise ships?
Private yachts are actually safer, for several
reasons. They typically cruise far from the
big tourist areas where pickpockets lay in
wait. The only people onboard are you and
your private crew—the yacht owner’s
personal staff, who are on par with service-
industry professionals at high-end hotels.
Private yachts rarely cruise where
professional pirates do, and their crews are
trained to international standards in case of
the rare emergency onboard.

If private yacht charters are so great,
why hasn’t my travel agent
suggested them?
Because she makes money selling cruise
ship vacations. Charter is a smaller, Unique
segment of the vacation industry, and travel
agents don’t understand it the way
professional charter brokers do, That’s why
your travel agent always suggests cruise
ships. She simply doesn’t know what you’ve
been missing.
By Kim Kavin. From her book: "Dream Cruises", 2008
A book you may want to read
Kim Kavin