If you are looking for a purely adult
vacation, NSS Pattam is the way to
have a great time in the Caribbean.

On NSS Pattam we have a friendly,
welcoming environment that makes
everyone feel comfortable. You  
always can be yourself, and have fun
in ways you never thought possible.
That's the way we do it.

There's no experience in the world like
an NSS Pattam adult  vacation. You
start by chartering the entire yacht,
therefore having a completely
comfortable, relaxing and beautiful
You can also move the setting at will
from one magnificent location to
another, without being on a cruise or a
resort that is "labeled".

On NSS Pattam we create an array of  
possibilities you'll never find on an
ordinary vacation. All completely
designed for you to create the most
welcoming and friendly setting you've
ever imagined.

That's the way we do it
Legal Note:
The NSS Pattam Adult charters are
designed solely for consenting adults.
No one under the age of 21 will be
allowed to participate in any manner.

No drugs are allowed in these charters
or any other charters, and all our
contracts state the penalties and
consequences. Medically prescribed
drugs, of course, are allowed.
Your preferences are your choice
Your privacy is assured
Adult fun vacations

You set the tone and lifestyle you desire
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