Gourmet lunch
Ready for appetizers on the sun deck
Wedding on NSS Pattam
Enjoying the view from the bow
The late Mighty Whitey on deck playing
Dinner Al Fresco
Family fun
Guests with new friends
Guests preparing for New Year's
Romantic time on NSS Pattam
The Fiddler jamming on NSS Pattam
Fun at sunset
Taking a break
Going to the pirate show
Guests relaxing
Kids having some fun
Appetizers on the bow deck
Guests having fun
Must be Santa Claus
Romantic sunset
A happy birthday
Girls having fun
On The Boat Activities
Relaxing on the bow
Looking at the dolphins
Family togetherness
Guests with friends
Guests having fun
Some guests really like the popcorn machine
Guest driving the boat
Guest playing for all