Off The Boat Activities- Hiking
View from the top
A view on the way up
The paved beginning
After lots of rain the path gets greener
Walking carefully
There are a variety of hikes available in most islands. Some of the hikes are vely long and
strenous, while others can be used for jogging and running. Some are over paved roads while
others are more through rocks and bush.

There is a variety to please all, and fantastic views that are only seen on the hike.

There is also Geo-Caching available for those who are involved in this outdoor activity.
Some remnants of the road
A bit of shade for you
Was this a road?
A level section
View at the start of a hike
Mostly a paved hike
A view from the top
Hiking in the Baths
View just past North Sound
A view towards Spanish Town
View of Wter Lemon Cay
View of the National Park
The path to the sugar mill
Filling out the log in Norman Island
A find in the Baths
Futile search on Necker Island