A coordinated jump
Kayaking to the next island?
Good guest water skier
Solo jumping
Are we going to land soon?
Suspended up in the air?
Foating over the clear waters
Away from the office
Just floating in the clear waters
Girls like to have fun
Trying to make a splash
One more for the team
Let's all jump together
Just floating around
Cannot decide what to do or not do?
Here we go, together
Jumping into space?
I wonder if that hurt a bit?
Some like to shoe off
Let's do it again, please
We love to jump from high
One more time, please
Who said I was not going to jump?
We are jumping far
We will do it until we get it perfected
You could be here having fun also
Enjoying their anniversary
Another show off having fun
Did we ever reach the water?
In The Water Activities
Floating away
Kids snorkeling in the warm water
Hanging in there
Some tubing fun going on
Swim, jump, paddle, all those choices